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WE WILL HELP YOU FIND THE BEST SEDUCTION COURSES Dating is draining. But it doesn't have to be. We’re not the experts but ordinary people who used to fall in love, break up, make up, get married, struggle in marriage and achieve our freedom. After all, we put all of what were learned into new, improved, transformational courses. About Us Buy Online



3 Shortcuts to Stop Giving a Fck

Jason Capital – 3 Shortcuts to Stop Giving a Fck

$790.00 $19.95
  • 3 SHORTCUTS To Truly Stop Giving A F*ck In 10 Seconds Or Less! Demonstrated and Explained In Full Detail. You’ll get it immediately.

  • Complete Instructions For When and How To Use The Shortcuts Effortlessly In Your Life. You will experience Instant Results.

  • How To Keep Them Working For You Permanently. You’ll Find The Changes Last And This Badass Life Of Freedom and Fun Is YOURS!

The Exceptional Man

The Exceptional Man – Andrew Ryan

$97.00 $9.95

The Exceptional Man – Andrew Ryan

Exceptional Man – VIP Package

Table of Content

01. The Ultimate Closer (1 Pdf)

02. The Hookup Blueprint (5 Audios)

03. The Strip Club Secrets (5 Videos, 1 Audio)

04. Superhuman Confidence (1 Audio, 1 Pdf)

05. Social Superstar (5 Audios)

06. 50 Irresisteble Openers (2 Pdfs)

07. Bedroom Rockstar (3 Videos)

08. 66 Texts (8 Videos, 3 Pdfs)

Manipulation Black Book

Jordan Hill & Derek Rake – Manipulation Black Book

$49.00 $9.95

When first published in the UK in 1995, the Manipulation Black Book was touted as the “worthy successor to Machiavelli’s The Prince” by the Sunday Times newspaper. This valuable resource has been out of print for more than 20 years, and is now available exclusively through for the first time.

60 Minute Stamina

2 Girls Teach Sex – 60 Minute Stamina

$197.00 $21.95

This program from 2GTS is designed to show men how to last 60 minutes or more in bed.

Table of Contents

– The 60 Minute Stamina Advanced Seminars

– 60 Minute Stamina In Action

– 60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Videos

– The Instant Stamina Cure

Mens Sexual Health Fitness for Satisfying Sex

Mens Sexual Health Fitness for Satisfying Sex

$287.00 $19.95

Men’s Sexual Health is a breakthrough book about vital and satisfying male sexuality. It presents a new model of male and couple sexuality, which establishes positive, realistic expectations of pleasure and satisfaction, as opposed to the self-defeating traditional demand for perfect intercourse performance.

Fantasy Lover Formula

Fantasy Lover Formula

$79.00 $19.95

Listen, You’ve probably noticed over the last few years, that more and more women have been proudly coming out as bi-sexual, or simply admitting that they enjoy fooling around with other women from time to time… The reason for this, isn’t because they want to try and impress guys by showing off at parties, or on the dance floor… And it certainly isn’t because the idea of going home with men is no longer appealing…

Super Sexual Orgasm

Super Sexual Orgasm – Barbara Keesling

$97.00 $14.95

An explosive vaginal orgasm that doesn’t require a perfect sex partner. An orgasm without exhaustion or convoluted gymnastics. An orgasm that you control. Thanks to Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., this type of sexual fulfillment can now be any woman’s reality. Dr. Keesling has identified the cul-de-sac–an area of extreme sensitivity in the vaginal canal that enables any woman to have a Super Sexual Orgasm! Normally hidden beneath the uterus and just beyond the cervix, the cul-de-sac is so extraordinarily rich in sensitive nerve endings that the slightest contact can trigger a powerful, consuming, instantaneous orgasm

37 Secrets About Women And Sex

37 Secrets About Women And Sex

$397.00 $19.95

Here Are The Absolute Basics You Need To Know, If You Want To Turn Yourself Into A GREAT LOVER – The Kind Of Guy Who Can Please Any Woman, Any Time, Any Place…

Hey, it’s Adam.

And welcome to “37 Secrets About Women And Sex”.

How To Last Longer in Bed

How To Last Longer in Bed

$297.00 $19.95

-Your mind-set is the most important thing to work on if you want to LAST LONGER in bed. Specifically, your mind-set should be empowering, not disempowering. In other words, your mind-set should help you to achieve your goal (lasting longer). It should not hold you back and sabotage your success

Mastermind Club

Dean Cortez – Mastermind Club

$197.00 $19.95

It’s my mission to over-deliver and give you an incredible amount of value in every module. The Mastermind Club program took me years to put together. I had to call in favors from many experts who normally charge hundreds of dollars for the information you will be getting.

Derek Rake – Black Book v4

Derek Rake – Black Book v4

The Open Loop is a classic storytelling device which you can use to capture a woman’s attention and make sure that she is captivated by you throughout the conversation. You’ll remember that as long as a woman pays attention to you, it’s just a matter of time before she falls in love with you. Using the Open Loop technique is how you do it!

Guide To Getting It On Unzipped

Guide To Getting It On Unzipped

$25.52 $9.95

When I started writing this book, the men who made Snapchat weren’t even born and the founders of Facebook were six years old. There was no texting, Google, Grindr, YouTube, or Amazon. Porn was mostly in magazines that you hid under your bed, and phones were wired to the wall.

What Do We Offer?

A structured course tree

A carefully tailored list of courses for best experience developing your skills in communication and relationship, including only the essentials and skipping the usual theoretical advice.

Learn from true experienced

Improve your skill set with proven psychology methods and true experience, and take opportunities to practice with realistic tasks.

Get a dream relationship

Make improvements to your characteristics, knowledge, and behaviors to secure your dream relationship with stable happiness. Enjoy your love journey!

Mobile learning

Mobile learning through our Apps for iOS and Android, so you can watch video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing.

Get skills for life

Even if you choose to stop midway, you’ll have acquired skills that you’ll be able to use in many other fields.

An inclusive experience

An inclusive experience designed for a diverse global audience, including video subtitles in English. The customization and detail context can assure the best practice for the learners.

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