Zan Perrion – The Albester Girl


The Alabaster Girl will guide you through the land of women so you can start living your life as an attractive man who is loved by women… and as who you really want to be.


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The Albester Girl by Zan Perrion

How You Can Become An Attractive Man Who Is Loved By Women And Live Your Life To The Fullest

“The Alabaster Girl is highly poetic, sharp, and engaging. It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of the narrator’s musings, part poem and part half-remembered dreams. The book is an ode to a deep appreciation of women and to the dance of the masculine and feminine as old as time.” – San Francisco Book Review

“… a richly compelling, beautifully poetic journey into the heart of relationships… an astonishingly insightful guide to the paradoxes of love. This opus is best relished in small sips, allowing time for its many a-ha moments to weave themselves into your own tapestry of self-discovery. Highly recommended!” – Steve Pavlina

If you’re feeling lost about what it means to be a man in the land of women … and want to learn how to attract beautiful women in a natural and authentic way …

The Alabaster Girl will guide you through the land of women so you can start living your life as an attractive man who is loved by women… and as who you really want to be.


Introducing The Alabaster Girl

  • The commonalities that all men who are successful with women have–and no, it’s not looks, power, or money. What are they? (The great news is you can learn and gain these traits… they’re not innate.) – pg. 86
  • The secret to success with women… the secret that separates true lovers of women from other men, and the only thing you need to do with this knowledge to be successful with women – pg. 17
  • What kind of women put men into the friend zone. (Hint: it’s not who you think. When you understand this, you’ll know how to stay away from the friend zone forever.) – pg. 252
  • How to avoid this fundamental mistake men make about women so you can understand women better and interact with them with the right mindset – pg. 27
  • This simple bullet-proof method allows you to approach women more easily… and with this method, you will never feel rejected even when they don’t respond to you favorably. – pgs. 101-103
  • Why approaching more women is the wrong solution for solving approach anxiety, and a counter-intuitive way of solving this common problem among men. – pg. 155
  • One very simple thing you can do whenever you’re interacting with a woman and feel nervous around her or run out of things to say to her (or pretty much in any situation) so you will never have to worry about what to say to women. – pg. 179
  • What to do when the woman you’ve approached gives you a dismissive response. (If you don’t know what to do, you could spend all your life focusing on the wrong women… learn what to do and avoid it right away.) – pg. 184
  • What women really mean when they say what they find attractive in a man is a sense of humor… it doesn’t mean you have to learn stand up comedy or to be a clown. The truth is much simpler than that… and when you know what it is, you can easily become that guy with a sense of humor. – pg. 174
  • Why most men fail when they try to engage a woman with their grand conversation and to get her comfortable and familiar with them… why it’s a mistake and what you can do instead. – pg. 147
  • “Nobody connects because they are cool.” … If so, what connects us instead? – pg. 237
  • The Theorem of Deflected Attention–or how to tell who a woman likes the most in a group setting. – pgs. 134-135
  • What makes women fundamentally beautiful beyond their appearance, why beautiful women are secretly lonely, and what truly beautiful women are attracted to in men. (Understanding the beauty of women makes you stand out from other men… and you’ll be perceived by women as a man who “gets it”.) – pgs. 11-14
  • How a boy and a man are different in the presence of women… Are you acting around women like a boy or a man? – pg. 18
  • You don’t have to impress women, but you need to be interesting to them… but how? The secret is in this certain trait. You must have it to become a man who is loved by women–and learn what it is about. – pgs. 95-96
  • An unusual answer to the question “do women love father figures or little boy types?”–when you get it right and embody the answer, you’ll know what it means to become a guy who women will never leave. – pg. 89
  • A subtle distinction a lover of women makes when he compliments women, and why this distinction will set you apart from other men in the eyes of women. – pg. 118
  • What it really means to be direct with women so you can stop being too aggressive and coming across as a jerk or dialing yourself down and hiding your intentions. – pg. 111
  • The secret of great eye contact and how to avoid common mistakes a lot of men make with eye contact–when you know how to communicate with women through your eyes, you’ll start understanding women’s signals more… and how much you’ve missed them before. – pg. 144
  • A subtle-yet-significant difference between asking and making statements when you communicate with women. By understanding this difference and implementing it in your communication with women, you’ll be perceived as a leader. – pg. 106
  • How to touch women (most guys do it wrong or they don’t do it at all–a big mistake) and why it’s important as a way of sub-communication. – pgs. 162-165
  • The greatest question a man can and must ask in every situation, every interaction, and every aspect of his life, and why it’s important for him to ask this question. – pg. 261
  • You can never be a seducer of women if you haven’t experienced this… what is it? – pg. 34

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Zan Perrion - The Albester Girl

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