Tantric Life Academy – The Art of Tantric Massage

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Tantric Life Academy – The Art of Tantric Massage

Tantric Life Academy - The Art of Tantric Massage

Tantric Life Academy 

Module 1: Tantra 101 & Module 2: Tantric Massage

This is where you’ll learn what tantra is all about and how it can help make your sex life next level sexy & sacred.

-What is Tantra?

-Merging Spirituality & Sexuality

-The Tantric Secret

Module 3: Holding Space

In this module, you’ll discover all the things which make a tantric massage empowering (safe, sexy, & sacred) for both the giver and the receiver. You’ll also get an overview of the 3 tantric pillars and we’ll teach you an exercise that will transform the way you view your body and the world.

-How to change the vibe from basic to sacred

-The art of holding space

-Cultivating a tantric mindset

Module 4: Lingam (penis) Massage & Module 5: Yoni (vagina) Massage

This is where things get really juicy!

In these 2 modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know to give a mind-blowing tantric massage. This includes a step by step yoni and lingam massage in action.

-Yoni/Lingam Massage Introduction

-Step by Step Tutorial

-Full Yoni/Lingam Massage Video

Module 6: Full Massage Videos (Uninterrupted)

This won’t be PG and we won’t be teaching you on cucumbers and peaches: The instructional videos are real & raw, with classy closeups in HD quality so you don’t have to guess what’s going on down there

Without You Having to Hit on Her, Creep Her Out, or Try to Pick Her Up

Discover the breakthrough Sexual Triggers that make women chase you.

The System is about how to hack preselection and make women chase you, and in the process you going to become the kind of guy women naturaly want to chase. Once you know this system you will always know what to do and what to say in all of your interactions.

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