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ReSeduction 2.0 by Derek Rake

Warning!! ReSeduction 2.0 Is Hard… Both On YOU and Your Woman. ReSeduction is NOT a “play nice” method. You will be exploiting her past memories and experiences with you to make her experience emotional ups and downs. And the only way she resolves her issues is to come back to you.

Once you get started, there’s no turning back. ReSeduction is not a game. For the sake of your relationship, DO NOT BE RECKLESS WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE.

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What’s Inside ReSeduction 2.0?

The ReSeduction 2.0 package contains six action-packed modules which covers the relationship recovery process from A to Z.

Like Shogun Method, ReSeduction strategies are evergreen – they work no matter if (1) your relationship is about to end, or if (2) you have just broken up with her, or if (3) the relationship had ended for weeks, months or years.

Module #1: What Is ReSeduction?

The first module lays out the essential groundwork for the four-step ReSeduction roadmap. You’ll discover how ReSeduction is different from conventional “get your ex back” approach and set yourself up for success with a winning mindset from the start.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • The three types of “problematic relationships” which can be addressed effectively by ReSeduction
  • Comparison between the ReSeduction roadmap and the standard Shogun Method IRAE Model (yes, they are very different)
  • Three Preconditions that will make ReSeduction work for you (obey these Preconditions and it’s just a matter of painting the numbers to get her back into your arms)
  • The Cardinal Rule of Relationships – know this, and you’ll know the REAL reason why she left you. And when she comes back to you, obey this rule and she’ll stick with you through thick and thin
  • …and more

Module #2: The VCRD Model

The second module details the “VCRD Model” – which is equivalent to the standard IRAE Model inside Shogun Method. This will give you a clear step-by-step roadmap on how to bring your ex-girlfriend or wife back into your arms.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • What the VCRD Model is, and the unique strategies, tactics and Shogun Sequences are for each of the VCRD stages
  • The Validation stage – Learn how to “turn the tables” on her and restore your power in the relationship
  • The Confirmation stage – Discover how to use Barnum Statements to knock her off her perch so that she becomes temporarily vulnerable to your ReSeduction tactics (very controversial!)
  • The Restoration stage – “Reset” your relationship, get rid of the emotional baggage and start back from a clean slate using Advanced Implanted Commands
  • The Dependence stage – You’ll make her dependent on you emotionally so that you bulletproof your relationship and protect it from future breakups
  • …and more

Module #3: The “Validation” Stage

The third module outlines the first stage of the VCRD Model – the Validation stage. In this stage, you’ll regain your position of power in the relationship. You will do this by “Pacing” and “Leading” the interaction with poise and authority.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • How to kickstart the ReSeduction process: Pre- and Post-Breakup scenarios (the strategies are different for both)
  • The best four ways to make contact with your ex-girlfriend or wife without looking weak or needy
  • The “Pacing and Leading” technique, a mental trick to prime your ex-girlfriend or wife for the subsequent manipulation by putting her in the mental “Hot” mode
  • A brand new Shogun Sequence (“Sonder”) which you can use word-for-word that will open up her subconscious mind for you to exploit
  • A brand new Shogun Sequence (“Listen To Me”) which you can use word-for-word to “command” her subconscious mind to follow your instructions automatically
  • How to get her to Fractionate using a combination of both Shogun Sequences above
  • What runs through her mind after you run the “Sonder” and “Listen To Me” Sequences on her, and how she will behave (it’s very predictable!)
  • A brand new Shogun Sequence (“New Life”) which you can use to cement your dominance in the relationship if you’re in the “Pre-Breakup” situation
  • A “softer” variation of the “Listen To Me” Sequence which lets you dial back the potency of the original Sequence to prevent overkill
  • …and more

Module #4: The “Confirmation” Stage

The fourth module contains the second stage of the VCRD Model – the Confirmation stage. In this stage, you’ll “confirm” the end of the OLD relationship so that you can restart with you as the driving force and dominant partner of the NEW relationship.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • The three steps in the Confirmation stage and how they work
  • The “Set The Bait” step – how to exploit her “Cognitive Dissonance” that will brute-force her subconscious to respond to you (even though consciously she may not want to)
  • The “Escalate” step – this is the full-on “asshole” mode that you need to be in (the more she gets pissed, the easier it will be to get her back – it’s true)
  • The “Pull Back” step – the “twist the knife” step where you’ll amp up her emotions and force her to go into mental overdrive (yes, it’s pretty sick)
  • “What if she doesn’t respond to me?” – get the answer to this important question and more in the Frequently Asked Questions section
  • …and more

Module #5: The “Restoration” Stage

The fifth module features the third stage of the VCRD Model – the Restoration stage. Here, you’ll do a “Hard Reset” and restore the relationship back to happier times WITHOUT the emotional baggage and bad feelings.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • Why you must “force” the relationship to end to start back from fresh (very important)
  • How you’ll detect her emotional vulnerability and use storytelling techniques adapted for broken relationships to persuade her subconsciously
  • Ways to control the breakup narrative so that she believes what you want her to believe
  • How to start the recovery process – by freezing her out for seven days (learn the reason why this works so well)
  • The Advanced version of Shogun Method Implanted Commands technique developed specifically for recovering relationships
  • The twin “P******” and “S**********” components of Advanced Implanted Commands, and why they are important
  • The word-for-word routine using Advanced Implanted Commands you can text her (with detailed analysis on how it works)
  • Three more persuasive texts you can use to get her to agree to see you if she’s resisting you
  • What to do if you’re “stuck” in the Restoration stage, and things to watch out for (don’t make these irrecoverable mistakes)
  • How to build her emotional reliance on you so that the only way to quell those emotions is to get back together with you (powerful!)
  • …and more

Module #6: The “Dependence” Stage

The sixth module outlines the final stage of the VCRD Model – the Dependence stage. This is the “end game” of ReSeduction – when you have reached this state, leaving you will never be something that she will ever consider again.

What’s Inside This Module

In this module, you will learn…

  • How to strengthen your emotional connection with your woman by 300% by deliberately creating PROBLEMS or CONFLICTS in the relationship
  • Ways to satisfy a woman’s needs for emotional drama, and translating that hunger into a deep obsession with you
  • Why you need to create False Memories so that she becomes addicted to you emotionally (powerful!)
  • Strategies to inject False Memories in her mind and make them permanently etched into her brain in two simple steps
  • Four “no-fail” phrases you must use to implant a False Memory inside her mind
  • A detailed breakdown and blow-by-blow analysis of a sample conversation and how the False Memory gets implanted into her subconscious
  • How to “bridge” from Dependence to the “E” stage inside IRAE Model (Shogun Method’s final step) – this will anchor her thoughts of breakup to pain so that leaving you becomes absolutely unthinkable


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